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What Are the Dangers of Buying OxyContin Online?

Buy OxyContin Online

Individuals can become hooked on OxyContin after a short-term prescription or even after using the drug once or twice recreationally.
Many individuals have turned to the internet to source their OxyContin.

After all, it seems to many like a safer choice than dealing with the actual “street” market.

Plus, some see it as the most convenient option, with delivery of OxyContin being only a quick click away.

Because of the widespread use of OxyContin and its highly addictive nature, it’s likely one of the most sought — and highly advertised — drugs on the illegal web market. But buying OxyContin online comes with a bevy of potential dangers, such as buying an adulterated product and identify theft.

Why Is OxyContin Abuse?

OxyContin, a brand-name extended-release version of oxycodone, is an opioid pain-relieving medication.
The widespread use of opioids like OxyContin has skyrocketed over the past decade due in part to pharmaceutical companies in the 1990s assuring the medical community that these drugs were not addictive. Of course, it is now understand that opioids are highly habit-forming and dangerous.
The epidemic of opioid use in the U.S. has been receive a great deal of attention and press. Today, doctors are more apprehensive about prescribing opioids and keeping their patients on long-term prescriptions.

While doctors may be prescribing opioids less frequently, OxyContin use continues. People who try these drugs — both as prescribe and on the illicit street market — continue to get drawn into dependency and addiction.

Several years ago, these individuals could have gone to a doctor (or maybe even a few) to get their opioid needs met, but as regulations tighten and the medical community becomes more aware of the high risk of addiction and overdose, it is getting harder to legitimately obtain opioids like OxyContin.

What Kind Of Sites Are Selling OxyContin Online?

Many individuals may attempt to buy OxyContin online from the dark web, usually from illegal drug marketplaces similar to the now-defunct Silk Road, where users sell illegal and illicit drugs. These sites are constantly being close and reopen under different names. Drugs are often trade for untraceable cryptocurrency, and the sites are run in secrecy from highly mask web IP addresses.Even more commonly, individuals turn to illegitimate pharmacies. These online stores are not control and, more often than not, running illegally.

Spilled prescription of white pills

They often do not require prescriptions from users, and the prescriptions and medications they sell are not test or verify. They are frequently base overseas with untraceable addresses.

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