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Buy Methedone Online

Buy Methedrone Online  and other synthetic cathinones are regularly distribute through online sites, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) publishes.
Methedrone is commonly sold online as plant foodglass cleaner, research chemicals, jewelry cleaner, phone screen or video head cleaner, or bath salts. It is labeled “not for human consumption” to avoid regulation.
There is no safe way to buy methedrone online. You run the risk of overdosing and even dying if you take a toxic batch or dose of the drug. Illegitimate sites may also send you something else entirely or steal your personal and financial information.


Synthetic cathinone drugs, including methedrone, fall under the category of bath salts, designer drugs, and novel psychoactive substances. Buy Methedrone Online

Methedrone is a stimulant drug that is not derive from a plant. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) warns that manmade stimulants may be more dangerous than plant-based derivatives.

Confusing Chemical Names

When you order an unregulated product like methedrone online, it can be next to impossible to know what you are actually going to receive.
It can be easy to mix up the chemical name with mephedrone or methadone. Mephedrone is another synthetic cathinone but with a different mechanism of action, and methadone is a long-acting opioid drug. All three of these drugs sound the same, but they are very different.
Methedrone is commonly market as a powder or compress into gelatin capsules. The drug is typically ingest or snort when abuse, although it can also be inject.
The Journal of Analytical Toxicology warns that methedrone can cause a fatal overdose, even with just one use, making it an extremely hazardous recreational drug of abuse.

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